Cold Springs Forge

Marvin Solomon – Bladesmith

23750 Cold Springs Road

Paron, Arkansas 72122


Thank you for your interest in Cold Springs Forge. I began knifemaking in earnest in 1990, selling knives for the first time the same year.  

My training in this field started at the ABS/Texarkana College forging school at Old Washington, Arkansas, and has flourished as a result of the annual bladesmithing symposiums with Jim Batson and and the Alabama Forge Council. I am an accomplished knifemaker, and have successfully completed the performance testing at the Journeyman and Master Levels.

I'm a Voting Member of the Knifemakers Guild, plus a charter member and past president of the Arkansas Knifemakers Association.

I am not currently accepting new orders, but I thank you for your interest in my work.

The twist Damascus you see on many of the knives below is high carbon twist provided by Devin Thomas. He does exceptional work. The engraving is done by Van Hoy engraving - they do fine work. I believe you should give credit where credit is due.